5 Things You Want to Know About Child Custody Process Service

To put it simply, you simply can not prevent the financial responsibility for your kids.
1.   Every state in the nation has laws dictating when they'll use the merit option, it may happen if you are held in contempt of court for failing to appear at a hearing and it may also occur when you've neglected to pay your child support.

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2.  This can be an active merit that can and will be executed.  In certain states, a judge will sign a bench warrant for something as little as an unpaid parking ticket.  Many people feel "safe" with those kinds of warrants because they aren't aggressively pursued.  Don't become comfortable when a child support warrant has been issued.  Failure to pay support warrants are managed by your county sacramento county sheriff process server, so that they will act on it.
3.  These aren't issued "only because" or after one week of missed payments.  In most every condition, judge issued warrants would be the option of last resort - therefore in the event that you've got one signed from you personally - it is because you've created a pattern of non-payment.  Do not expect a whole lot of leniency.  In most nations, once a judges warrant is issued - your drivers license is rooted as well.

4.  County Sheriffs and the Office of Child Support Enforcement possess the authority to execute the warrant anywhere in the nation.  They can detain you at your home, your place of employment, during a routine traffic stop, and anywhere else that they see fit.  It is very difficult to flee from this type of merit whenever you're in the same state.  Leaving the state won't do you much good either.  While it can not be executed, it will remain active on your record.  With your frozen drivers license along with an active warrant, finding a new job and getting a new license will be difficult.
So what do you do now?  Surrender yourself into the county's sheriffs department so that the matter can be resolved.  Broadly, there is no jail time involved when you turn yourself in.  You will appear before a judge who will tell you just how much money needs to be paid towards your "bond", or to raise the warrant.  This money is generally a percentage of what you owe.  This money usually has to be paid before you may be released.
If you are facing true financial hardship and are actually not able to come up with a lump sum of cash, a judge has the ability to purchase a payment plan and stay the warrant.
Child care is a right due to every child and fair & just treatment ought to be extended to every parent.  The system is here to help you, whether you are a custodial, non-custodial parent, mother, or father.

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